Aïd el-Kébir 2019 – CCcam Aïd- FREE SERVER GROUP 11/08/2019

C: 12000 BA33M XTREAM.TN
C: 12000 BA33V XTREAM.TN
C: 12000 BA33T XTREAM.TN
C: 12000 BA33R XTREAM.TN

How to install CCcam

To install CCcam on your Dreambox running Gemini, you can use the manual installation method. Follow the steps below to do this.

Download one of the following CCcam installation packages:

CCcam v2.2.1 CCcam or  v2.2.0 CCcam v2.1.4  Found in

Use an FTP client (that is, FileZilla) to connect to your Dreambox. The default username is root, the password is dreambox. Download the CCcam installation package file downloaded in step 1 on / tmp on your Dreambox. Press the blue button on the remote control of your Dreambox and go to the Addons section or simply press 2 on your remote control.

Press the red button on your remote control to access the Auto-Camd setup.

Press the blue button on your remote to open the blue panel.



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